is a marketing-driven company responsive to Clients’ needs
and focused on helping them meet their product and Brand visibility

Established in 2006, and Building on our marketing and advertising
expertise in the Region, we have successfully responded to market
needs and multiplied our production capacity since our inception.
In today s challenging marketing environment, Brand Aid provides you
with fully encompassing customized solutions for any concepts that
make your brand stand out in and out of store.

Brand Aid is determined to give you the best possible solutions for
your business, Our wide array of services includes, but not limited
to, the below listed items. We do offer the services available
according to the industry standards, yet our team is trained and
driven to offer Custom Marketing Services that are specifically
designed to accommodate your needs.

Brand Positioning and Marketing Strategy
Being the core of any business, we use our expertise and contacts
network to develop strategic marketing plans for companies, large and
small. From market opportunity assessment, competitive research and
analysis, to target audience definition. We can develop a strategic
marketing plan that helps you take your business to the next level.

Launching your product is a crucial driver in its life cycle and could
very well either make, or break that cycle! We are here to work with
you, to the finest detail, on the planning, preparation, and
management of your product introduction events, company parties,
galas, and public conferences and bring them to a cutting edge just as
your imagination move them.
And it doesn t stop there, after the launch, brands need to be
constantly supported to grow and continue to service their target
consumer, together we can devise and implement tailor made plans that
will combine the targets of your brand with the needs of your

Promotional Items
Brand Aid provides you with a wide variety of promotional items, which
can be picked off-the-shelf or special ordered for you according to
your specific needs. Our team can also assist with the design and
packaging of your promotional items to ensure best possible exposure
of the message they carry.

Brand Aid has an excellent track record of printing of different
elements of your plan: flyers, brochures, boxes, posters, stickers,
etc. We are known for accountability, excellent quality with cost
effectiveness  and dead line orientation.

whether you are looking to produce a large super market stand or a
counter unit, a display unit of plexi on a heavy duty metal stand - we
can help your design - and implement branding on any unit, vehicle or

Our in house designers can help you either come up with new concepts
or adapt current ones to the market. They are experts in applying any
concept to any POSM, packaging material or even out of store branding,
helping your brand come to life.